Product Feature - MAG 5100W Magflo Meter

Product Feature

In the times we work in today it is not always possible to wait for extended periods to receive goods, RS Hydro have many goods in stock which can be dispatched for next day delivery subject to paperwork, the MAG 5100W magflo meter is an example of this.

The MAG 5100W Magflo Meter MCERTS is suitable for all water applications including the tricky low flow rate ones, consisting of a hard lining the user is guaranteed consistent accuracy throughout temperature and pressure range. There are many applications which the MAG 5100W magflo meter is suitable for and these are

  • Water abstraction
  • Water treatment
  • Water distribution network (leak detection management)
  • Custody transfer water meters
  • Irrigation
  • Waste water treatment
  • Filtration plant (e.g. reserve osmosis and ultra filtration)
  • Industrila water applications

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