Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy?

Yes, incredibly so - we have made the ordering process extremely easy - either by purchase order or by credit/debit card. Once we have the paperwork we will deliver anywhere in Europe next day. We provide quick start guides to get you going within minutes and for when you need a little extra help we have technical support engineers just a phone call away.

Is it expensive to hire?

No, we offer a competitively priced service and in almost all cases rental is the ideal option and costs a fraction of a new inline flow meter.

What if I don't know much about flow meters?

No problem. We designed a quick-start guide so that even a young child could install one of our flow meters. Everything you need will be in the peli-box supplied.

Do I get a calibration ceritifcate?

Every flow meter is tested before it is shipped and when it is returned as part of our ISO9001 procedure. We also calibrate the flow meter at least once per year, again within our ISO9001 policy. If you require a copy of the calibration certificate simply let us know.

How accurate are the flow meters?

Typically every flow meter provides an accuracy of ±1 to 2% of rate, so if you are measuring 100l/sec then the accuracy would be between 98-102l/sec.

Are these transit-time or doppler flow meters?

We only use transit-time flow meters. Doppler meters do not offer anywhere near the same accuracy of transit time flow meters. Doppler meters will also not work on clean liquids whereas transit time flow meters will work on almost any liquid with up to 5-10% solids. For reference, even sewage water is significantly less than 5% solids by volume! We would however only recommend doppler flow meters for sludge flows. However, doppler flow meters are used for open channel flow measurement principally because it is the only technique available but with the advent of time-gated doppler or non-contact doppler new technology is now available.

What if I need some help?

Important thing to know is that we are with you all the way... if the quick start guide and self-help guides do not help, please contact one of our technical support engineers on +44 (0) 1527 882060. We guarantee that we have supplied and supported more clamp on rental installations than any other company in Europe so you are in safe hands.

How do I hire a flowmeter?

Firstly you will need to contact us for a quote. If you are happy to go ahead with the quote please send us a purchase order or call us with credit card details and fill out and return a rental agreement form.

How soon can I have the flowmeter?

Flow meters are usually available on a next day basis when all paperwork is received by 12 noon (stock permitting).

Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes. The minimum hire period is one week.

What if I need to hire the meter for a longer period?

Once you have the meter it is yours to rent for as long as you need. However, we do appreciate it if you can let us know that you wish to extend it. The flow meter is off-hired once it is returned to us. Once checked and tested, an invoice will be issued for the rental period. Don't forget if you extend your rental through a 4,8 or 12 week rental threshold then you will be entitled to further discount!

How much will I be charged if I return the flow meter late?

We only charge for the amount of time you have the flow meter. Therefore if you return a flow meter two days late, we will only charge you for two extra day. Each extra day is charged at a fifth of the hire cost per week.

How do I return the meter?

Typically you will use your own couriers but if you are struggling please let us know and we will arrange collection the day after you notify us or when suitable with yourself. The carriage cost will be added to the invoice.

Are our flow meters PAT tested?

Yes, without exception! If you need a 110v plug instead of a standard 230v plug please let us know.

What sized transducers do I need?

That will depend on your application but all of our standard transducers will do -40degC to +150degC.

  • Liquid: below 50mm, you will require CFLP transducers; 50-1000mm you will require CRS-402 transducers and for 150-8000mm you will require CRS-401 transducers. Flowmeter Hire can supply all the bits you need, what's more they can be delivered with the meter.
  • Gas: below 80mm (3"), you will require CRS-402s; 80-300mm you will require CRS-401 or CRV-310 transducers and above 300mm you will require CRW-312 transducers.
  • High Temperatures: please consult RS Hydro but we can measure up to +450degC for liquid and +250degC for gas/steam.

Can I have more than one set of transducers?

Yes, of course. We make a small surcharge for each set of transducers you may require. For most applications you only require one set but on occasion some people need to measure a diverse range of pipe sizes and applications.

What if I need to measure energy or pipe/gas temperatures?

Simply let us know. We provide plug in energy kits for a small surcharge. There are no external heat calculators as the PT878 has an in-built energy calculator. Simply connect the temperature or pressure sensors to the I/O port of the flow meter and away you go... The PT878/PT878GC can measure two analog inputs and provide one analog output and one digital output as standard.

Do you need to remove paint or coatings from the pipe?

Paint or pipe coatings are typically not a problem for our clamp on flowmeters but if the pipe work is very corroded or the paintwork looks bubbled then we would recommend a very quick sanding down with a wire brush or sand paper to make the surface smoother. In all cases the pipework should be relatively clean.

How do I measure the pipe wall thickness?

We provide an ultrasonic wall thickness gauge as standard with all of our flow meter rental packages. These gauges will measure to within 0.05mm!

How do I record data on site?

Our flow meters all have integrated dataloggers along with a screendump facility that allows you take photographs of any screen and download it to your PC.

What happens if I damage the equipment?

Once shipped, the flow meter is the responsibility of the hirer. That said it is our experience that it is extremely rare that any of our flow meters are damaged. It is one of the reasons why we have been so successful - our flow meters are tough, accurate and reliable, every time.

What is our track record?

We have no problem in stating that we have hired more ultrasonic clamp on flow meters than any other company in Europe. The reasons are plain and simple - we use best in class instrumentation that works every time guaranteed. Once upon a time we used an alternative manufacturer but there is nothing worse for you or ourselves if the flow meter doesn't work - hence we made the best move we could have ever made - to become one of the world's largest distributors of GE Panametrics flow meters.

We always review your application before you hire so there are never any unwanted surprises! We have made every effort to make using our flow meters an enjoyable experience: quick start guides to get you going within minutes, online video instructions, rugged packaging to allow you to take your flow meter anywhere, and online/telephone support from engineers who have been in your shoes, not just a sales person - a real flow engineer!