Thermo Scientific Orion A329 - The only choice for multiparameter measurements

First rate results from a first class meter

RS Hydro are renowned for being suppliers of first rate technology, the Thermo Scientific Orion Star A329 pH/ISE/Conductivity/RDO/Dissolved Oxygen Portable Meter is yet another meter distributed by RS Hydro which is the ultimate choice for taking advanced multiparameter measurements.The Orion A329 is a very popular meter which delivers superb accuracy, is perfectly portable, waterproof and protected in a IP67 rated housing. The meter is sold as a complete package consisting of probes, buffer solution and software package all combined in a handy carry case.

This meter is specifically designed to be used for sample testing in multi parameter applications, contaminated land and seawater applications where high accuracy is required. There will never be any doubt of reliability even in the most rugged of conditions. Automatic probe recognition, a large push button keypad and large LCD screen ensure ease of use whilst working in the field.

If you wish to purchase this item our specialist staff here at RS Hydro are always on hand to offer specialist technical support should this be required.