RS Hydro are leaders in the rental and sales of the Panametrics PT878

RS Hydro - provide the ultrasonic solution, the PT878 portable clamp on flow meter

With the largest rental fleet in the UK and huge sales under our belt it is safe to say RS Hydro are true experts in the Panametrics PT878 clamp-on flow meter . This non-invasive portable meter is regarded as the best ultrasonic flow meter of its kind, providing the ultimate solution for measuring flow. It can be used to measure most liquids either clean or dirty and even some liquids with solids or gas bubbles. The Panametrics PT878 ultrasonic flow meter is simply clamped to any metal pipe or most plastic pipes ranging from 0.5 inch to 300 inch (12.7mm to 7.6m) and can be up and running in minutes. All is required is for the user to enter site parameters, clamp the transducers onto the pipe and adjust the spacing. Upon rental or purchase we included a quick start guide which details just how simple the start up process really is.

RS Hydro offer a next day rental delivery on the PT878 in mainland UK when rental paperwork is received by 12 midday (stock permitting). Whether you decide to hire or purchase the PT878 RS Hydro provide a full training package, specialist training on all aspects of the PT878 is available as an optional extra by a member of our specialist team.

The PT878 is so diverse it can be used or many types of surverys including:
  • Energy - When combined with PT100's the PT878 becomes a full energy meter ideal for measuring cooling and heating systems. Typically measuring energy used and lost in a variety of applications e.g. testing boiler efficiency on hot water systems, cooling system effectiveness and condensate recovery.

  • Water usage - The PT878 can be used to monitor not only water consumption but also basic leak detection. Another typical application is verifying flow rates of flow meters of different technologies e.g. e/mag, vortex and mechanical.

  • Chemical dosing - For measuring the dosage of chemicals, the PT878 flowmeter is ideally suited. Whether highly acidic or alkaline due to the fact the meter is on the outside of the pipe and does not come into contact with the media, chemical compatibility or temperature is not an issue.

  • Whlist the standard applications are:
  • Ultrapure water and liquids
  • Water/glycol solutions
  • Cooling and heating water
  • Wastewater
  • Diesel and fuel oils
  • Chemicals

  • If you would like to read more about how the PT878 has been used in the field then please click here to read some case studies where the PT878 has been used.