RS Hydro & University of Birmingham win KTP funding for developing a Fluorescence based Water Quality Monitoring System

RS Hydro and the University of Birmingham (Water Sciences Group) are excited to announce that their Knowledge Transfer Partnership proposal has been successful and will be commencing soon.

The KTP will focus on the development and validation of a real-time water quality monitoring system based on the latest fluorescence sensor technology.

Attracting funding from NERC, the EPSRC and the TSB the KTP will run for 27 months and will bring together the latest sensing and remote communications technologies along with sophisticated data analysis techniques in order to provide real-time water quality data from remote locations. Recent developments in miniaturised submersible fluorimetry have enabled a wide range of novel parameters to be monitored from portable, field based instruments. The ability to gather high resolution time-series data with parameters such as tryptophan and optical brightening agents (OBA) alongside the more traditional dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and turbidity will shed new light on complex interactions within our catchments and watercourses. For more information please contact