Product Launch: New AquaPro Analyzer from Thermo

Today's process industry is a different world then it was 25, 10, or even 5 years ago. With continuing pressure to improve efficiencies and at the same time lower costs, plant managers are constantly forced to adapt at the speed of light. The market has been saturated with all sorts of equipment to help the customer better control their process operations, application and maintenance costs. However, more often than not, these solutions are very focused on a proprietary technology that may or may not have been truly vetted with claims based on theoretical models, not real life. When it comes to process monitoring and control there is a golden rule.

"The system must be easy to use and must be easy to maintain."

In most cases they fail to take this into consideration. What customers need today is a system that is based on tried and true technology but also provides advanced technology for growth and flexibility.

Thermo Scientific has always understood these needs and through close partnerships with our customers have developed a platform that not only answers the concerns of the process industry but also provides the needed flexibility for growth and expansion into new technology as it becomes available. With that in mind

RS Hydro is pleased to announce the launch of the new AquaPro Multi-Input Intelligent Analyzer.

The Thermo Scientific AquaPro Multi-Input Intelligent Process Analyzer is the first analyzer on the market that holds true to the golden rule of the process world.

When looking at the AquaPro for the first time you notice right away this is not your usual analyzer. It is a sophisticated and highly flexible analysis platform for a wide range of process applications.

The AquaPro has the flexibility to give you analog sensor channels today and the ability to switch to digital sensor technology and host communications for tomorrow.

The AquaPro's unique plug-and-play architecture makes it so simple to add new features and parameters that it almost doesn't seem possible. All you have to do is open, slide and click. It’s that easy! With this simple multi-channel configuration you have the ability to add a simple analog parameter, and/or our advanced DataStick digital sensors and add host communications such as MODBUS, CANopen, Profibus, Ethernet and others. You get all of this in one box and with just a click.

Thanks to the unique multi-function front panel USB port, the AquaPro is capable of so much more than any other analyzer on the market.

? Download data from the datalogging feature
The AquaPro can store up to 1000 data points. The logging time can be adjusted to fit your timing requirements.

? Store and transfer the AquaPro analyzers configuration
Store the AquaPro’s configuration to a USB drive for easy transfer of setting and parameters to other AquaPro’s in the field or on the bench.

? Upload new features and updates to the AquaPro
Download new features and updates for the AquaPro from our website and easily install through the front panel USB port.

One of the AquaPro's best features is its large 3.4"(86.36mm) full colour display. It’s bright backlit screen can be seen at just about any angle and in any lighting condition making it one of the best in the industry. The interface is clean and easy to understand with intuitive menu driven design for “out of the box” use without the need to study a manual. Right from the front keys you can easily configure your display for viewing of installed channels.
The AquaPro is programmed with seven user selectable languages–English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese making it easy to standardize on no matter where your operations are in the world.
When it comes to process measurement the AquaPro is fully compatible with a wide range of liquid analytical sensors–both analog and digital–allowing measurement of many parameters, including:
? pH/ORP
? Conductivity (resistivity, concentration, salinity and TDS)
? Dissolved oxygen
? Dissolved ozone
? Turbidity
? Free chlorine
? Suspended solids

The process world is not a kind and gentle one. With that in mind, the AquaPro is built for the realities of utility and industrial operations. With a UV-resistant polycarbonate material case and NEMA4X,IP66 rating, AquaPro can be pipe-,panel-, or wall-mounted in the most punishing work environments.

The AquaPro is so much more than an analyzer, it's a platform. Because of this we Thermo Scientific are committed to continue to develop, innovate, and update. Thermo will continue to add new features, new languages, and new ways of displaying log information and much, much more. The only real limitation is our imagination. When you buy an AquaPro you are not only buying an analyzer, you are buying a platform that can grow, adapt and fit your application both today and tomorrow.