ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Flow Meter

Need to measure open channel flow rates on a short term basis? RS Hydro have the perfect solution - the ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Flow Meter. Hiring this meter has never been simpler, RS Hydro offer a next day rental delivery on the ISCO 2150 in mainland UK when rental paperwork is received by 12 midday (stock permitting).

The meter itself is very portable for use in the field, precise readings are guaranteed because this particular flow meter features an area velocity probe built on digitial electronics, the result of this is electromagnetic interference is overcome as the analog level is digitized in the sensor itself. Capable of measuring as low as 25mm the 2150 is the ideal meter for low flow conditions.

So how does the ISCO 2150 work? The ISCO 2150 uses doppler technology, frequency it transmitter this reflects off particles in the water, it is then received by the receiver on the sensor, any change in frequency here is used to claculate the velocity.

If you would like to read a case study where the ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Flow Meter has been used please click here.