Measuring Hydraulic Oil with a PT878 Clamp-on Flow Meter


RS Hydro was asked to provide instrumentation capable of measuring flow of hydraulic bio-oil, as part of an engine performance assessment.


Environmental - Tidal Barrier / Flood prevention

Equipment Used

Panametrics PT878 with 407 small pipe transducers


RS Hydro were tasked with providing equipment to measure hydraulic bio oil, as part of an assessment into diesel engine performance, across three Environment Agency tidal barrier sites. The engines are utilised as part of a hydraulic system to raise and lower barriers in response to tides and to prevent flooding in heavily populated areas. A performance assessment of the engines was carried out following repeated issues mainly thought to be caused by over sizing. These issues are further compounded by the relativity short and infrequent run periods.

RS Hydro were responsible for providing accurate volumetric flow data at every point of the raising/lowering barrier cycle. The PT878 was used with conjunction with 407 (2Mhtz) small pipe transducers, as the lines to be measured were 1 to 2-inch nominal bore. To provide accurate and repeatable data RS Hydro also carried out pipe wall thickness measurements at each of the test sites. The results were used in combination with fluid pressure readings and engine diagnostic parameters to ascertain the volume of hydraulic oil delivered against the engine performance.

RS Hydro were able to provide crucial data and instrumentation expertise, to ensure reliable performance of a vital tidal barrier defence system.