Efficient and Accurate Verification of Nitrogen Flow with Clamp-On Ultrasonic Technology


RS Hydro were contacted by a producer of industrial gas products in order to provide flow-metering services for the day in their production facility. The process pipes contained nitrogen.


Industrial Gas

Equipment Used

PT878GC clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for gas flow applications.

The Application

RS Hydro was called upon to provide their expertise in conducting a nitrogen flow survey in Ireland using a clamp-on gas flowmeter. To carry out this task, a Panametrics PT878GC portable clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter was shipped to Ireland from their hire fleet. Once on site, RS Hydro's engineer installed the equipment and conducted flow rate verifications to ensure accurate readings.

The process pipes containing nitrogen were operating at a pressure of approximately 7 BAR and had a diameter ranging between 100mm and 150mm. To ensure accuracy, the customer had installed in-line flowmeters which were used as a reference value. The PT878GC flowmeter obtained volumetric flow rates of 570m^3/hour, which closely matched the flow rate recorded by the customer's in-line flowmeter.

In addition to obtaining flow rates, other points of measurement were also monitored to provide the customer with a comprehensive understanding of the flowrates existing within different process line sections. This information is valuable for many different industries and applications, including manufacturing processes and cleaning nuclear waste shipping vessels.

Understanding the volumetric consumption of nitrogen is crucial for businesses operating across the world, as different process pressures and flow rates can have a significant impact on the overall consumption. With these advanced gas flow meters, businesses can obtain accurate and reliable information to optimize their processes and reduce costs.

The Technology

Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters have emerged as indispensable tools for measuring gas flow in process pipes. They offer a non-intrusive solution that does not require any intervention into the flow system, thereby avoiding process shutdowns and reducing downtime. However, it is important to note that sufficient pressure and straight run are crucial for the accurate measurement of gas flow.

Panametrics flowmeters are known for their unmatched reliability, and any necessary part replacements are straightforward due to the external location of the flowmeter system. Additionally, there are no moving parts, and none of the components come into contact with the flow, ensuring that there is no disruption to the process.

If you are looking for high-quality gas flow measurement products and services, contact our sales team, to find out how RS Hydro can help.