Product Feature - MCERTS Panametrics DF868 Liquid Flowmeter

The worlds number 1 clamp on flow meter

Yet again here at RS Hydro we are distributors of top rated equipment, the MCERTS Panametrics DF868 Liquid Flowmeter is the worlds number 1 clamp on flow meter and available from RS Hydro on next day delivery. The DF868 is a Transit-Time flowmeter which provides non-invasive flow monitoring for permanent applications, suitable for use with drift free measurement in ultraclean fluids, most dirty fluids and even some gas bubbles can be measured along with entrained solids that previously required Doppler-style meters.

The genius design of the DF868 Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter means it uses non intrusive flow measurement which is simple to set up and suitable for a wide variety of pipe sizes or materials including metal, plastic and concrete lined pipes. It is a highly accurate device, superbly economical and will never fail to deliver the upmost accuracy. As an option the DF868 can also come as a dual channel or dual path models that can be user configured. This means the meter can be set up to measure flow in seperate pipes simultaneously. If you would like to read more about this wonderful MCERTS product please click here or call one of our specialist staff who are ready to take your call.

The types of applications this meter is perfect for are:

  • Waste and wastewater (MCERTS)
  • Ultrapure water and liquids
  • cooling and heating water
  • Pertoleum products
  • Chemicals
  • Other liquids